What If You Stall?

  • Make sure you are drinking enough water ~ at least 64 oz or bump it up to 100 oz.
  • Re-evaluate what you eat during the day – making sure small snacking is being avoided. 1 M&M is a small snack. 
  • If you are using artificial sweeteners (i.e. Crystal Light, Diet Coke) ~ stop using them.
  • While on the 500 calorie diet walking 15 minutes per day will help increase blood circulation and help with stalling.
  • Look at your medications for weight gain as a side effect.
  • Do the cosmetics, lotions or hair products that you are using contain any oils, sugars or fats? If so, stop using them.
  • Dr. Simeons talked about doing an apple day or a steak day if stalls have lasted more than 4 days:

Apple Day: Eat 6 apples in one day with only water to drink. This helps with water retention and you will usually drop 1-2 lbs the next day. On the next day, continue with the usual 500 calorie diet.

Steak Day: Do not eat breakfast or lunch and then for dinner eat a huge steak and an apple. This also helps with water retention. On the next day, continue with the usual 500 calorie diet. You can drink water, coffee or tea on this day.

Some people see the scale staying the same but see a very noticeable difference in their body and the way their clothes are fitting during these plateau days. Keep in mind that you will lose weight and then lose inches, lose weight and then lose inches. Don’t get frustrated! Keep the diet going ~ it’s working!

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