Chiropractic Conditions Treated


One of the best kept Chiropractic secrets is that you don’t have to be injured to benefit from Chiropractic care. Help us get the word out that regular chiropractic visits will not only help renew your energy and mobility, it will also increase circulation, strength and immune function. Through regular treatments you will find that physical performance increases, posture improves and stiffness decreases. Although lifestyles, experiences, and symptoms may differ, one thing patients all report is that they feel better.


The number one reason patients visit a Chiropractor is because of neck or back pain. The primary cause of this pain is usually the result of a misalignment of the spinal column. When vertebrae are misaligned they put unneeded pressure on the spinal nerves, causing not only pain but muscle spasms, inflammation and irritation. Unlike medication or solely massage therapy ( both of which are only a temporary fix), a chiropractic visit will help eliminate the original cause of the pain.



A spinal disc is a small pad made of cartilage that puts space between vertebrae. The soft center is surrounded by layers of fibrous tissues, allowing for flexibility, bending and turning. Each disc connects and absorbs shocks for the spine. Because they naturally have little blood supply, they depend on the circulation of joint fluids to discard waste and resupply fluid. When the joint’s ability to naturally move is inhibited by injury or pain, the discs deteriorate. A healthy disc is flexible, similar to a wet sponge. A deteriorated disc often becomes like a dry sponge, hard and stiff. This is often the beginning of a disc’s problems.

Injury or trauma to the spine can harm the disc causing problems such as bulging, herniating or rupturing. Not only is this painful, but it can also put pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots. As with all care, the results cannot be guaranteed, but many patients who choose conservative chiropractic care over traditional medical treatment have avoided surgery as well as long term dependence upon pain pills.



Did you know that 80% of headaches begin with the neck? When this is the case, a person feels pain starting at the base of the neck and spreads into the temples, eyeballs and forehead. Stress and tension held in the shoulder area cause contraction of the muscles, which can lead to misalignment and pressure on the spinal nerves. Because there are many causes for a headache, please consult Dr. Gray for a diagnosis and a treatment plan to alleviate the cause of your pain.



A misaligned vertebrae can be the cause of a pinched nerve. The severe compression can cause severe inflammation and muscle spasms. Acute pain cause from a pinched nerve often leaves you unable to move that particular area of your body. Be sure to receive a proper exam to diagnose the exact cause of your pinched nerve.



For those who have experienced first hand the effects of a car crash, you know all too well that whiplash occurs when you are struck by a high force that causes an unnatural jerking back and forth of your head. When this occurs, muscles and ligaments that support your spine can be overstretched and even torn. This disruption also causes a misalignment of vertebrae and stretching of the spinal cord. This ultimately can result in headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, and pain in the shoulder, arms and hands. You can also lose range in motion, and experience lower back problems. Despite a car’s ability to emerge from an auto accident unscathed, it is vital to your long term physical health that you ensure a proper exam. Effects from an auto accident may not show themselves immediately. If you have recently been in an auto accident, call to schedule an appointment today.



Commonly understood as an effect of aging, arthritis is a gradual breakdown of joint cartilage that is mostly seen in knees, hips and back, and oftentimes the neck. Stiffness and strain on a muscle are side effects accompanying the long term degeneration. An interesting finding through research shows that its not the degeneration of the joint that causes pain, it is the effects of the degeneration and how the joint is functioning that cause pain, particularly the stiffness and muscle strain.

At Summit View Health Center, we focus on restoring and maintaining the function of the joint through movement, increasing muscle support and stabilizing the affected joints. With a primary focus on whole health, we look closely at the entire body to uncover any other movement abnormalities that affect the area.



Healthy joints have movement. When movement is restricted problems such as pain, stiffness, tightness, and breakdown of cartilage or degeneration occur. Dysfunction of the joints can be caused from injury, or simply because of poor posture. An assessment from the doctor will identify your areas that may be needing improvement and prescribe a treatment plan that encompasses regular chiropractic joint adjustments, as well as in-home exercises.



Sciatica is a condition that commonly causes nerve irritation, pain, numbness, and weakness in the back and legs. Originating from the lower back, the sciatica is a long nerve that runs through the back of your legs. Although there are several causes from a sciatica, the most common include misaligned vertebra, which causes inflammation within the joints. Other sources of this acute pain come from muscle spasms or bulging discs. If you are concerned about this particular problem, a medical exam will help Dr. Gray assist in the root of your particular problem and will create a treatment plan to relieve pain caused by this interference.



Many patients think of chiropractic care just for the spine, because we deal primarily with clearing obstructions that effect the nervous system. However, we have been able to help many patients with health concerns related to the arms and hands as well. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs through repetitive motions that do not take into account health ergonomics. Micro-traumas build daily, affecting the hands and wrists. Other joint problems and spinal dysfunctions combine to create a devious little challenge known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The primary nerve running through the tips of the fingers to the wrists and arms actually connects to the neck and on to the spinal chord. Obstructions along this path result in numbness, wrist pain, burning, and even loss of muscle function. The biggest blessing when using chiropractic care to treat this condition comes from relieving blocks along the path of the nerves, allowing the body to function at its highest level.



Although fibromyalgia is a complicated and controversial condition, a correct diagnosis along with a thorough treatment plan can be implemented to help patients who are suffering from this often debilitating challenge.

Aches and pains caused by fibromyalgia can be treated through soft tissue and joint adjustments. Other remedies include ultrasound or electrical muscle stimulation, acupuncture, exercises and massage, both traditional and myofacial release techniques. While treatment of this condition may not cure fibromyalgia, patients have found that chiropractic care has been an effective partner to managing their discomfort and experience significant improvements to their overall health. When chiropractic care results are found to be unsufficient, Dr. Gray will make a quick referral.



A chiropractor’s primary purpose it to alleviate stress put on your nervous system so that your body has the unobstructed ability to heal and regulate itself. Although chiropractic care is not an allergy treatment, patients who have suffered from allergies, that have undergone chiropractic treatment have released stress on the nervous system, enabling the immune system a higher chance at resisting disease, infection, deal with day to day stress, and ultimately experience great health and wellness.

Our approach is to remove vertebral subluxations, a common spinal distortion that puts stress on the nervous system. Recent studies in psychoneuroimmunology show that when the nervous system is functioning better the immune system works better. Freed from the stress in the nervous system, your body will work more effectively to neutralize the allergy causing chemicals in your environment.

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