Weight Off Complete Success Tips

  1. Set a goal. Tell yourself that you can do anything for that time frame. 
  2. Plan ahead. Sometimes preparing is the hardest part of the diet. There is really nothing at McDonalds that is OK to eat on the diet.
  3. Drink lots of water throughout the day – at least 64 oz.
  4. Change up your menus. This can be a simple, boring diet. Change up the proteins and vegetables often. Also stay away from a lot of ground beef.
  5. Exercise daily about 30 min (walking, biking, something you like to do).
  6. Stay away from artificial sweeteners, especially Splenda. Aspartame found in crystal light and diet drinks can make the program less effective in some cases. Stevia is ok to use.
  7. Make sure your spices and cooking ingredients have no sugar, oil or fats. Many of them do.
  8. Get a scale and weigh your meat pre-cooked so you can stay within the calorie count easily.
  9. Do a proper binge phase by loading up on fats. Don’t make yourself sick but eat the fats you like. (i.e. Get that cheeseburger, fries and shake that you haven’t in the past)
  10. When you start the diet on Day 1 wake up, go to the bathroom and then weigh yourself. This gives you a good baseline to start with. Wait a few days before you weigh yourself and then continue weighing yourself every three to four days.
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