Weight Loss

Our weight loss program at Summit View, Weight Off Complete, has been very effective in helping our patients lose unwanted weight! It is a great kickstart to get you on your path to a healthy lifestyle. 

Weight Off Complete is a recreation of the amino acids from the HCG hormone in its simplest form. It is not a injection, but a drop supplement that uses the hormone in the same way as the HCG injections. African Mango has also been added to this product to provide more fat burning, stimulate the metabolism, and decrease appetite!

The product package includes the Weight Off Complete drops kit, a bottle of Raspberry Keytone supplements and a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia supplements. Raspberry Keytones are a great fat burner that suppresses appetite and increases the metabolism. Garcinia Cambogia works as a fat blocker to block production of fat cells in the body. Together the three combine to provide the most efficient 30-day weight loss program! With the supplements and drops comes a book of information on the program and what it does and how it works. A list of approved food choices for the 1,000 calorie restricted diet is included, as well as tips on how to stay committed to the program and how to maintain your healthy weight once it is finished.